Deep root fertilization and polymer injection is the answer!

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Trees growing in the forest fertilize themselves by continually shedding leaves, flowers and fruits or even twigs and small branches, all of which decay and enrich the soil.

They are also fertilized by decomposing animal matter. Additionally, the soil under a community of trees is usually porous, allowing the free passage of air and water. Erosion of soil is prevented by heavy leaf cover.

In urban areas, most of these conditions are reversed or don't exist.Leaves are swept up and burned or hauled away. Many trees are artificially prevented from fruiting, or, if allowed to fruit, the product is consumed or removed from the site. Neither plant nor animal debris is allowed to accumulate. The ground around the tree is usually either tightly packed or it is covered with cement or asphalt radiating intense heat. Because of these unfavorable conditions, most trees in urban environments need to be artificially fed and watered. Some need it more than others.

In urban environments superficial feeding has not worked well. Food scattered over the top of the ground and water sprinkled on it seldom reach the hungry tree roots below. The water can't get through the concrete or evaporates, and the fertilizer is blown away or absorbed by the heavy turf that surrounds city trees.

Hence, a method of feeding that breaks through the surface coverings and puts the food where the tree roots can get it, provides a far greater benefit for the tree.

Healthy Trees for Lifedeep root fertilization and polymer injection is the answer!

Healthy Trees for Life is a company dedicated to helping trees and shrubs survive and thrive in harsh urban environments.