Insect and Pest Control

Below is a picture of a section from what used to be a healthy Swedish Aspen tree. It shows what can happen when trees are not cared for properly - they become susceptible to insects and disease.

Insect Control

Insect Control

This particular tree was attacked by borers and was left un-treated for two or three years which made it difficult for us to treat - and it eventually died. Early treatment would have saved this tree - and the owner from having to replace it.

I think this shows how important it is to keep your trees and shrubs as healthy as possible.

We specialize in appropriate pest control with all natural options available.

It is a common misconception that regular spraying solves pest problems. It is not true that most plant health problems are caused by other organisms, that all insects are pests, and that all microbes attack healthy plants - as most applicators and consumers assume.

Environmental or weather related conditions, nutrient deficiency, and injuries cause most plant disease. Misuse or overuse of pesticides often occurs because consumers and commercial applicators fail to recognize this. We diagnose the problem and implement the cure. We only use natural pest control when necessary.