Presidents Letter

President's Letter

My name is Ronald Curtis, CEO of Healty Trees for Life. There have been many times people have asked me throughout my life - "why do you have so much concern for the health and well being of all plant life?"

I would have to say to them that after 55+ years of working with trees, shrubs, and other plant life, I have learned to have a great deal of love and respect for their beauty and their abilities to hold on to every bit of life that they can.

I have seen plants over time do some marvelous and spectacular things. But they can only do so much with the environment they are placed in. Heat from concrete or blacktop, no water and no nutrients, just to name a few.

This is why I started Healthy Trees for Life.

I felt I could do something to help sustain their lives and build a business to sustain my life too.

I wanted it to be a good business and not complex, and to be affordable to the customer. Please look through this website and learn more about our services.

Sincerely, Ronald Curtis