Proper Nutrition for Healthy Trees

Proper Nutrition for Healthy Trees

Are your trees and shrubs receiving the right nutrients? In our urban environments we know that nutrients are generally missing. The following signs may indicate that your valuable trees and shrubs are deficient in nutrients, oxygen and water.

  • Slow growth
  • Decay
  • Excess deadwood
  • Pale foliage
  • Insect problems
  • Late leaf emergence

Healthy Trees for Life realizes that effective tree and shrub fertilization keeps healthy trees healthy and helps sick trees become well or improve.

It will need to contain many micro-nutrients including: iron, sulfer, copper, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum and zinc - all in a mixture with nitrogen to promote green leaves, and phosphorous which helps root growth. Healthy Trees for Life adds potassium to improve plane vigor along with a wetting agent for proper assimilation deep into the soil.

Our concentrations of these nutrients will have a tremendous positive effect on your trees and shrubs.

We have developed a whole new technology to improve the vigor and longevity of your valuable trees and shrubs. This is a unique process in which we inject below the ground our custom designed TFL mag crystal polymers. These tiny crystals can expand and hold water up to 400 times their size in water holding capacity - effectively creating mini reservoirs of water and nutrients for trees and shrubs.

Just imagine - one pound of our polymers will retain 15 to 40 gallons of water within the soil. It may be possible to reduce watering as much as 50%.

These polymers also reduce the loss of fertilizer by storing them until they are needed tree or shrubs root system. They have superior longevity that has been proven to be 95% effective after 5 years in the ground. They will not contaminate plants, soil or ground water. This process is ideal in drought prone areas.